how to clean a retainer

You have to know how to care your retainers

A retainer is an orthodontic item used to keep your teeth in place after your initial treatment has been completed. This retainer will be custom-made to fit your unique teeth structure. It is critical to receive a tailored retainer because it will prevent your teeth from shifting out of alignment. A retainer may feel tight and uncomfortable at first, but this should lessen with continued use. When sing retainers you must also know to clean retainer with vinegar

clean retainer with vinegar

  • If you have a removable retainer, you should be sure you wear it as directed. If you haven’t used your retainer for a while, you may still be able to use it to shift teeth back into position. You must never, force your retainer into position. This can damage the teeth’s surface or shatter the retainer.
  • It is critical to take the required precautions to keep your retainer in good working order. Bacteria can build up in the mouth which often cause tooth decay.
  • It is important to clean retainer with vinegar and well-maintained in order to be sanitary and efficient in keeping your teeth aligned. Before and after using your retainer, make sure to rinse it with cold water.
  • If you have a permanent retainer, you must clean it in the same manner as you do with your braces. When not in use, keep your removable retainer in a plastic case. Never immerse a retainer in hot water as this can cause it to shrink. Every few months, you will also need to clean your retainer with a specific cleaning.
  • Keep your retainer away from pets, as this is one of the primary causes of retainer damage. You have to be careful while using your retainers, especially when you have pets.

To achieve these goals, you will most likely be required to use a retainer after your treatment.