Carpet Cleaning

How to Dry Stairs After Carpet Cleaning

Most people assume that carpets are only placed on the flat floor of one’s home, but did you know that you can cover your stairs with carpeting as well if you like? Indeed, many home owners have invested in a fully extensive wall to wall carpeting method, one that allows them to take full advantage of the comfort that this brings into their residential domicile. Since stairs are some of the most frequently trod on home areas, suffice it to say that the carpet that covers them will get dirty faster than the rugs that are placed in parts that see less foot traffic.

That means that you would need to get carpet cleaning in conroe for your stairs far more often than for the rest of your wall to wall carpeting, but the problem that you might face here has to do with drying them. All carpets need to dry after they are cleaned because of the fact that they will be quite wet and that makes stepping on them with shoes a surefire way to make them smell thoroughly awful.

Hence, you can’t let your carpeted stairs dry in the same way that you would a carpet that is on the floor in your bedroom. If you have a leave blower, you should know that this is the single best thing to use to speed up carpet drying due to the reason that it puts out massive gusts of hot and dry air! You will only need to use this leaf blower for about thirty minutes, taking care to move it slowly across the carpet, and it will be extremely dry after this time has passed.