Getting Certified as a Yoga Instructor

We always want to believe the people that are doing certain jobs have the necessary qualifications to meet them. So, our nail tech or hairstylist should ideally have gone to beauty school, our moving company is licensed, the lawyers that represent us are members of the Bar, and that the teachers that teach our children have the necessary degree and qualification to be doing so. The same principle also applies to yoga instructors and you do not want an “enthusiast” without any certification to be teaching people inversions and things without the proper training. If you are looking to become a yoga instructor, you need to check out the Marianne Wells Yoga Teacher Training programs and get certified before you start taking in people.

There are different levels of certification depending on the type of yoga you plan on teaching be it Kundalini yoga, Hata yoga, and so on. So, you want to zero in on the type of yoga you want to work with as an instructor and get the necessary number of training hours in so that you can ensure that you are learning from experts that will guide you properly through the process and also explain how you need to work as an instructor.

You can only opt for a few basic certifications, or you can take it a step further and get a bunch of courses done so that you have more experience under your belt, and you have something to show for once you do begin working as a yoga instructor and people are skeptical of your qualifications. At the end of the day, you want to be sure that you are well-equipped because all kinds of people will be walking into your studio space, and you need to be able to accommodate all of them.